The team

Tim and AnnieTim and Anne HOLFORD are Veterinary Surgeons by profession, who owned a 3 centre Veterinary Practice in West London – Alcombe Veterinary Surgery.

Tim, originally from rural Gloucester, England has always had a keen interest in farming: especially pasture management and livestock genetics and has owned farms in both the UK (Beef and Sheep) and New Zealand (Dairy). When the opportunity came to acquire the beautiful Haras du Gazon in Normandy, he was able to put into practice an Equine breeding program incorporating the best bloodlines of the best stud books in Europe. His hands-on farming experience has allowed the Haras to now become self-sufficient in top quality cereals, hay, haylage, and straw.

Anne qualified at Sydney University Australia in 1979 before traveling to the UK to further her career.  In 1985 she and Tim set up their London Veterinary Practice, which she is still involved in, as well as also taking on the linguistic challenge of administering a business in France.

They bring a scientific and practical approach to the breeding, healthcare, and nutrition of the Sport Horses at the Haras, as well as a genuine respect, admiration and compassion for all the individual equines in their care.

Charly with his new dog

Charles-Henri ROBERT began professional riding in 2007 at Guy Martins commercial Yard near Lyons.

To further his career, he decided to gain further qualifications and obtained his instructor’s diploma at the competition Yard of Francois Grand, where he worked for two years.

Following these three years of experience in the Rhone-Alpes he moved to Normandy – the centre of horse breeding in France – to advance his riding and specialise in the training of young horses. With this aim in view, he worked with Christian Hermon, Francis Mas and Guillaume Blin Lebreton.

It was in 2011 that he began to prepare our horses for the 2012 season and had good results at the Grande Semaine de l’Elevage at Fontainebleau: achieving three finalists – two of which went on to achieve the prestigious ‘Excellent’ grading: Belle du Gazon and Adore Me.

He also prepared our 4yo Holsteiner stallion Continuum for a successful AES approval.