An Autumn Evening In Normandy

I thought I’d show you the crab apple trees

which form a colourful avenue on the drive in front of the office. They’re really beautiful, both in the spring; with a brilliant show of blossom and again in the autumn; with their masses of bright, red, tiny apples.

DSC_1088 x3

It was getting late but I thought there’d be enough light to go up and take a portrait of the  4 year olds, who are relaxing in the field after some work in the school and popping over some little jumps  during the week . It wasn’t good timing ; they’d been rolling in mud after the rain showers this morning, so I just took one picture ( they seemed to expect it!) and carried on.

DSC_1095 x2

I’d left it too late (I should have been cooking the dinner by this time….), and was losing the light but there was just enough to take some nice ones of the evening sky.

There really is some special quality about the light in Normandy:

DSC_1114 x2

DSC_1106 x2